About Brandon

I am a Christ follower, a husband, and a father. I am someone who lives each day in humility and gratitude for what I’ve been given. I am obsessed with using all of it to help encourage others around me. I am a firm believer that we are a continuous work in progress. We are always learning, and we should do so until our very last day on Earth. As we learn, it is our duty to pass that knowledge on. Life is truly about being a vessel…a conduit for blessings given by God, in order to encourage others, and to let them see Jesus through us.

Ever since a very early age, I have had a deep interest in science, music, and art. I loved to create as my imagination led me, and that has continued through my entire life. At the same time, I have always loved to discover things around me and try to understand scientifically why they are so. Intuitively, this seems like a bit of a conflict when you think of left-brain vs. right-brain. Its been a lifelong adventure of combining them together and finding a place where I can make an impact. Growing up in a Christian home, I have also always known of the beauty of living a life that follows Christ. Blending all this together has allowed me to find a place to make a difference. After spending time with a mentor dentist of mine, I realized that was where I wanted to be…caring for others as a dentist. You can visit my office site Here. Its the perfect blend of science and art. It allows me to be creative each day, and also helps to improve people’s lives. But I didn’t want to stop there.

What about the rest of the body God gave us? What about nutrition? As my knowledge and experience grew regarding how our human bodies function, I began to truly appreciate how beautifully intricate everything is. After spending my youth and teenage years overweight and sedentary, I eventually realized the importance of how we fuel ourselves, how we maintain ourselves, and how we maximize the gift we’ve been given. Each day is a new chapter in finding out how diet, exercise, work, and play come together to allow our bodies to thrive. By avoiding processed foods and sugars, focusing on raw and sustainable whole foods, and keeping our bodies in motion, I firmly believe we have unlocked the key to healthy longevity. Not only does this approach to eating and exercise significantly reduce the rate of decay, inflammation and damage, but also significantly reduces the risk of metabolic disorders and obesity.

I love music. I love creating and performing music. I believe it is the most effective vessel for communicating emotions, encouragement, and experiences. I often turn to a song to help me through a rough time, but I also turn to a song when I am at my happiest point. I am honored to have the ability to do this for others as well, and through it all, try to point them to Christ. It’s my desire to encourage people with the promises of God and by reflecting on my own experiences and struggles, I can help them know that we are all in this journey together! My wife and I are vocal public advocates for adoption and orphan care, and I love to take the opportunity through worship services to help raise awareness and support for children in need of love and a family. I have found that by hearing and singing music that is full of truth about God’s love, we can all start to understand the love He calls for us to give to others. I also have the wonderful blessing of singing with a group of great men known as the 3rd Row Boys. You can visit our website Here. We are convicted to share the gospel to the world, and we get to do it singing some of the best music around!

In addition to music, I love to do voiceovers. I have always loved to create voices for any occasion, whether comedic or serious. My vocal qualities are warm, comforting, and deep. I can also adapt it to be strong, authoritative, or dark. From funny cartoon-like sounds to passionate narrations, I can fit many different vocal needs. I am pleased to offer voiceover work for you, and I do this at my studio called Sawmill Vocal Studio. Feel free to Email Me Here and let me know your needs.

So I hope you enjoy this site. It is always changing and growing. As I learn, I want you to learn. Stop by the blog page here anytime to see what’s on my mind, and hopefully it can help you in your daily life. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a blessed day! Make the most of it!