New 3rd Row Boys project!

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We’re so excited to have the new 3rd Row Boys CD available! We’ve worked hard to make this a great recording that will hopefully encourage you each time to hear it! It’s entitled “Through Every Storm” and it features our brand new tenor, Mark Heskett. We’re really excited about this project, and I’m honored that we were able to record and produce it at Sawmill Vocal Studio. Be sure to visit and order your copy today!

Winter crutches

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Some things are certain. And in Indiana, it’s gross winters. I’m glad I found my winter crutch this year. Throw a little grassfed butter in and you’re set!

The day after the world ends

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tumblr_lwkf5wOHIh1r7u6l5o1_1280Oh man. I guess I forgot all about it. The world is supposed to end this Friday, December 21st! Hope you have some exciting plans for your last few hours here! What’s that? You don’t believe me? Hmm. Well, I guess its all a big joke then. I guess we’ll all just go back to our lives as they were…

It all still begs the question. What if? What if it were to happen? Would you be ready? There is something mystical in the unknown and a source of awkward anxiety that comes with the thought of the world coming to an end. Well, friend, let me enlighten you just a bit and perhaps even encourage you “just in case” you’re reading this on December 22.

Perhaps the most comforting part of living life as a follower Jesus Christ is the assurance that our future is secure. No matter what. Unfortunately, there are so many sources of anxiety and tension on this Earth, and we are bombarded daily with tiny bits of stressful information. We are overworked. We are overstressed. We are living like a tight rubber band ready to snap. We’re addicted to watching the news that tells us about all the horrible things going on in our country and in our world. We are easily distracted from the truth that we know is real. God has it all under control. We all know it, but we easily forget it. We are all being trained to be scared and nervous about he future. We are being trained to lose trust in each other, and in ourselves. Friend, right now is the time to make a change. Slow down. Look around. Recognize the blessings God has given you…your family, your friends. Do what it takes to allow yourself room to breathe. Stop freaking out about what’s going on, and what might or might not happen. You are not in control either way.

So the Mayans calculated ages ago that the world would come to an end on December 21, 2012. So what if it does? What if it doesn’t? If your eternity is secure, it doesn’t matter when it happens. If its tomorrow, next week, or next year, you’re good. In case you’re still thinking about it, remember Jesus said in Matthew 24:36 that “No man knows the day or the hour, not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Pretty straightforward if you ask me. Might as well leave it up to Him. Live today, and tomorrow, and the day after that in the same way…grateful for what you’ve been given. Stop thinking about the end. Anticipate it, but stop dwelling on it. You’ll miss the work God has for you today…which is pretty important work.

Oh, and please have a Merry Christmas…in case you forgot that was coming too. 🙂 Until next time…