Fussy people…

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Ah…where to begin? Perhaps the title has caught your curiosity. I find myself interacting daily with at least someone who I lovingly refer to as “fussy”. You know who they are…the people that just aren’t satisfied with whatever they have. They always have something to gripe or complain about because life “just isn’t fair”. It truly is amazing to see over the three plus decades of my life on this Earth, how people these days are less and less settled with things. You know the familiar statements. “If only I made more money…” “I really wish I had a bigger house…” “Why can’t my spouse act more like my friend’s spouse?” “Why are my kids always so needy?” “I hate my job…” “I wish I could lose some weight…” “My arms…my teeth…my legs…blah, blah, blah…” Folks, the list can go on and on…

To bring a bit of perspective into this, I need to explain my upbringing. I was blessed to grow up in a small town, where not a lot of excitement happened, but we always had something to do and friends to do it with. Things moved a lot slower than what they do for me today where there is opportunity and privilege around every corner. People rush around in a day-to-day life today that my grandparents would never imagine living. Research and technology have allowed us to instantly communicate with virtually anyone at anytime. Our companies push us to produce, produce, produce…to where the American way is more about profit than freedom. We have developed our society into one that instantly gratifies us, and if something happens to not do so, we become bent out of shape. That’s the interesting part. The more we try to make our lives better, the worse it gets. Now don’t get me wrong…there is a time and place for everything. We should always be striving to learn and grow and not sit on our laurels and be lazy. I strongly applaud work ethic. In fact, that could almost be another subject to discuss sometime….and I probably will. But anyway, back to the subject at hand…:) Why is life so hectic these days? Why do we keep such busy schedules and rush our kids into 20+ activities? Why are people so stressed and at each others’ throats about things? Why? Why are people so fussy?

God designed us in a fearful and wonderful way. (Psalm 139:14) He knew exactly how to form us and what we could do. He created us in His image and designed us for His glory. We truly have the ability to do anything we set our minds and hearts to. How exciting! That is so encouraging to realize because with God’s blessing, He can help us overcome any obstacle or achieve anything. But wait a second…there might be something here. Notice I didn’t write “we alone can achieve anything.” Only by His strength can we stand. Only be His grace can we live. You see, we are ALL sinners and we will continue to be until the day we die. But it is only by His sacrifice of Christ on the cross of Calvary that can we amount to anything. God knew from the moment he breathed life into Adam that we would one day need a Savior. He knew that we would try and do it all on our own, but then find a breaking point. He knows that we are in a crazy time today and that we are all “stressed out”. He knows our reluctance to trust Him…but somehow He is still standing there waiting on us. So just stop. Breathe. Take a moment and chill. Is it really important to fuss about all this stuff around us? No…it isn’t.

As we prepare to travel to Guatemala in a few weeks, I am praying for God to start transforming my heart. Being adoptive parents, we had the privilege of seeing Guatemala first hand when we met our son for the first time. Let me just say how different life is to those people. They have nothing, yet are so happy. They work harder than you or I could imagine, yet make next to nothing. Now there is nothing unique about Guatemala. This is true in any “third world” country where they don’t have the freedoms and liberties we have here. In our country, hard work reaps reward. Plain and simple. There, hard work rarely reaps reward. All I will say about it is this. Stop fussing, people. We have more than we will EVER deserve. We have the ability to go anywhere, do anything, and say anything we want. Sure, we all aren’t millionaires, but so what. Would you be happier if you were? I doubt it. Our human nature is to look for something bigger and better no matter where we are financially. Now again, don’t misinterpret me. I am not a socialist or do I support that kind of society, but I do support the idea of being happy with whatever you have. More than that, I support us being thankful for everyday that God has blessed us with. He doesn’t have to give us that…

So what can you be thankful for today? What has God blessed you with? How can you take what He has given to you and bless others? I pray that we can all start to see how wonderful things really are. There is a lyric to a gospel song that says, “I woke up this morning and there was no hearse at my door…so I’m going to thank Him for another day”. Do you think you can live your life like that? I want to. God wants us all to…

So please, let’s all stop fussing…

Order your copy of “A Few More Miles” today!

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Check out the brand new album entitled “A Few More Miles”! Make sure to order your copy today!  You can use the Paypal link on the left side of this blog.  Remember ALL proceeds go towards mission work for Casa Bernabe Orphanage in Guatemala. You can listen below to a few song samples from the 12 track project…enjoy!

Hit The Ground Running

His Life For Mine

Soon We Will See

Midnight Cry

You Would Think He Would Learn

Climbing Up The Mountain

Debut project “A Few More Miles” will be released in January 2010. Now accepting pre-orders!

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Hit the Ground Running

Midnight Cry

You Would Think He Would Learn

I’m working really hard to get this project completed!  It’s in the final stages of production and I am hoping to get it out by mid-January 2010.  It has been such a blast putting this together.  Many hours of song selection were spent in order to find songs that not only encouraged Christians in their daily walks, but to lovingly invite those who don’t know Jesus into a personal relationship with him.  I also have a deep love for southern and country gospel music, so I had to make sure it reflected my personality. 🙂  I feel I can best relate the good news of the gospel to people through music that reaches my heart as well.  The driving theme in the album, as noted by the title, is that we are truly living in the last days.  As foretold in scripture, the second coming of the Lord Jesus is very near.  As we are struggling as a nation and as individuals to make everything work, we must know that God had this planned out way before the beginning of time.  Let’s pray for each other…let’s be encouragers of each other…and let’s do what we can to spread the good news of salvation to everyone we meet.  Most of all, with so many distractions in our way, let’s keep our energy up…we only have “A Few More Miles” to go!!

I pray that this album will do what the Lord wants it to do, and that it is purely a mirror of His love for us.  We serve a wonderful God and I can’t wait to see what is in store.  May God bless each and every one of you!